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Scott Fitzgerald. The story has come to be regarded as one of Fitzgerald's finest and most eloquent statements on the destructive nature of the American dream. When he meets Judy Jones, a beautiful, vibrant young woman, he sees in her an embodiment of a glittering world of excitement and promise. Judy represents for him the epitome of what he considers to be the intense and passionate life of the American elite. Through her, Dexter hopes to experience all the benefits that he believes this lifestyle can afford him.

Winter Dreams

At the beginning of their relationship, he feels ecstatic. His senses become fine-tuned to the rarefied world with which he has come in contact. As a result, he becomes filled with an overwhelming consciousness and appreciation of this new life, though at the same time he recognizes the ephemeral quality of this moment in time, admitting that he will probably never again experience such happiness. Yet he fails to see the hollow-ness beneath Judy's surface, a hollowness that is also at the core of her world.

By the end of the story, when Dexter watches his beautiful vision crumble, he is forced to admit the illusory nature of his winter dreams. Read more from the Study Guide. Browse all BookRags Study Guides. Copyrights Winter Dreams from Gale. All rights reserved. Toggle navigation. In part two Dexter attends the university, but he longs for glittering things. After college he began a laundry business.

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At age twenty-three a man for whom he used to caddy invited Dexter to golf at his old club. As they were playing, they heard someone yell and then a ball hit Mr. Hedrick, a part of their foursome, right in the stomach. Hedrick complained that they shouldn't let women on the course. A girl approached looking for her ball. Dexter recognized her as the eleven-year-old girl who had thrown a tantrum almost a decade ago. The men all noticed Judy Jones beauty.

Later that evening Dexter went for a swim in the lake and heard a boat approach. Judy Jones recognized him from earlier that day. She explained that she was escaping a man at her house who was in love with her.

She asked Dexter to drive the boat so she could side her surf board behind then she asked him to come over to dinner the following night. Part three begins the following evening with Dexter arriving at Judy's house.

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They have dinner and afterwards she begins to cry. She's upset because a man she cared about had revealed to her that he was poor. Dexter admitted that he probably makes more money than most men his age, which led to her kissing him. Dexter realized he had wanted Judy Jones for a long time. Part four follows their romance, which sometimes included Judy going off with other men.

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F. Scott Fitzgerald's Short Story, Winter Dreams Essay

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