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The study of height and intelligence examines correlations between height and human However, change in height was found not to be correlated with IQ score. In another study found a similar correlation. growth-restricted and 32  ‎Definition of intelligence · ‎Correlation: studies and · ‎Explanations of the.
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To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Normative Data for Iq, Height and. Richard Lynn. Adel Batterjee. Normative data are reported for intelligence, height and head circum- ference for a sample of 6- to year-olds in Saudi Arabia, and for the correlations between these variables.

The heights of the Saudi sample were generally lower than those of the American norms. The differences in head circumferences between the Saudi children and the American norms were in- consistent.


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Correlations between IQ and height were weaker than those found in other studies but correlations between IQ and head circumference were positive. Introduction The objectives of this paper are to report normative data for intelligence, height and head circumference for 6- to year-olds in Saudi Arabia, and the correlations between these variables.

There have been two previous studies of intelligence in Saudi Arabia in which the Standard Progressive Matrices were administered. It has long been known that intelligence is positively related to height and head circumference. In the late nineteenth century, the relation between educational attain- ment an approximate proxy for intelligence and height was reported in a study of 33, school students by Porter Since this early report, many studies have found that children who are shorter tend to obtain lower scores in IQ tests e.

Wilson et al. These studies have typically shown corre- lations between height and IQ of around 0. For example, in a large sample of year-olds in Scotland the correlations were 0. Email: a-batterjee althike. Batterjee et al.

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There does not appear to be a causal relationship between height and IQ. There is no evidence that an increase in height will cause a rise in intelligence. Thus, Wilson et al. Furthermore, in a randomized controlled study into the effects of long- term growth hormone therapy in children born small for gestational age, most of the treated children showed a gain in height of 1 SD or more, paralleled by increases in IQ, but the increase in height did not explain the improvement in IQ Van Pareren et al.

A number of theories have been advanced to explain the association between intel- ligence and height.

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Diet, disease, psychosocial stress and inadequate cognitive stimula- tion in childhood have all been suggested as factors that might underlie the positive relation between height and IQ. Evidence that nutrition and cognitive stimulation are at least partially responsible comes from a study of growth-retarded children aged 9—24 months in Jamaica. Improvements in both growth and cognitive function were pro- duced after two years of nutritional supplements and cognitive stimulation.

Only those children who received both interventions caught up with the non-growth-retarded con- trol group. Cognitive stimulation, but not nutritional supplements, had a long-lasting effect on intelligence, as shown by test results at age 11 years Walker et al. This suggests that the association between height and IQ has weakened in more recent birth cohorts in economically developed countries, possibly because as standards of living have increased variations in height between social groups has declined.

An association between intelligence and head circumference has also been reported in numerous studies. The reason that the correlation is higher when brain imaging is used to measure brain circum- ference is that it is more accurate than external head measures. These studies of the association between intelligence with head circumference and height have nearly all been made on samples in Europe and North America.

As far as the authors are aware, there have only been two studies that have examined these asso- ciations elsewhere in the world. The sample was drawn from school students at schools in Mecca Province, Saudi Arabia. The province was divided into four quarters, and representative schools were selected in each of the quarters. Participants were randomly selected from both public and private schools. Public schools in Saudi Arabia only teach the curriculum assigned by the Ministry of Education while private schools are allowed to add supple- mentary material to the mainstream proscribed curriculum.

The sample does not include elite private schools. The parents of the sample were given consent forms for the testing and for the collection of demographic information. The forms were collected prior to the day of testing, and were checked for any missing information. Head circumference was measured as head circum- ference at its maximum, just above the ears. To carry out the testing, teams of female researchers were recruited to test female participants while male researchers were recruited to test male participants. Each team had four members and a co-ordinator. Both teams were trained on the procedure for applying the SPM, measuring head circumference and height, selection of the sample and the collection of the demographic data.

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All team members had a college education. On the days scheduled for testing, each team conducted the test in the selected schools. The students were tested in groups in a classroom environment.

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The testing team explained and demonstrated the procedure to the students using the examples in the test manual. The testing began on 24 April and ended on 23 June of the same year. The data collection teams used computer software to input, correct and tabulate the results for intelligence, head circumference and height. Table 1. For the total sample, the mean SPM score of the boys was This is a difference of 0.

Column 6 gives the variance ratios VR for the differ- ences in variance of the scores of the boys and of the girls calculated as the square of the standard deviation of the boys divided by the square of the standard deviation of the girls. Table 2 gives the means and standard deviations for height and head circumference of the Saudi sample and, for comparison, American norms for height for , as given by the National Center for Health Statistics and American norms for given by Nellhaus Table 2.

US Sig. Table 3.

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Table 3 gives the correlations for SPM scores by height and head circumference for each age group. The average of the correlations is 0. The girls obtained a 0.

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The differences between the boys and girls in variability on the SPM are inconsistent. These inconsistent results are contrary to the frequent assertion that males have greater variability than females. This contention has been advanced since the early years of the twentieth century, e.

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